Portfolios of Eric Chiyoge


Who is Eric Chiyoge? What is RDC Entertainment? They are one in the same. A individual with creative talents in photography, art and design and an individual who is part of a group of talented musicians. This site is here to display the talent on the artistic side of Eric Chiyoge and also to inform you firsthand of the talents of the band of which he is a member.

About RDC

RDC stands for Runnin Da City. Runnin the City (RDC) is both the name and the inspiration for the mega moves being made by one of the DMV's hottest rap groups. RDC represents a rap army in formation for a tri state take over of the locally known, DMV i.e. the states of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Unique in sound, fully focused on the movement and the message of their quest, the members of RDC, SAPP, JAY-LOU, ZO, KENITO and EAZY, inspired fans and crowds alike to experience the party life. Beats that give volume to their message with chorus hooks that ignite and inspire listeners’ to keep coming back for more, RDC is a capable unit of music stars and performers that work overtime to deliver fun at sell-out show. RDC is a party fun alternative to street rap verses making them a perfect crowd blend for seasonal multi-genre venues that showcase artist from coast to coast. RDC can provide that crowd-pleasing sound of DMV beats matched with lyrical themes that appeal to the college and young adult scene throughout the nation. Yet the group RDC's appeal bears a success deeper then music. Their bond, energy and message are fused by their shared heritage from the Congo areas of Africa and Costa Rica. The group members attended school and lived early life in Virginia. Growing up, group members shared experiences of living and loving musical rhythms and lyrics throughout their years in school. Family is a close constant and lends the members. The inspirational threads of unity that they share as a musical group. Check RDC ENT out on YouTube.

Diverse, centered on their fans and the perception that music can motivate and change the world, RDC is the musical answer to what's hot as next in the music game.